Undoubtedly, the element with the greatest damage in a house is roofing, where it is most intervened to waterproof and protect, avoiding harmful dampness and leaks inside. So why wait, Plan Your Polyurea Coating in CT. It is not serious to establish that a roof is impermeable, only with an ocular inspection, not even with the revision of a specialized technician, always defects, hidden imperfections, hidden defects, underlying pathologies escape. You need a leak test, a flood test, you have to cover drains and check the existing waterproofing.

In a flat roof, a 24-hour flood test should be carried out, observing if there were signs of leaks. There are specialists who perform this test, a necessary test to know with certainty if there is a valid waterproofing. This sealing test can be carried out immediately after applying the waterproofing layer (preformed membranes or semi-fluid membranes) and/or also after having placed the screed on the membrane (ceramic floor, coating or cementitious folder).

Current technology and advances in the generation of waterproofing allow technically correct options, for roofs, terraces and also for roofs where everything has already failed. It is a polyurethane plastic system to withstand storms, rain, and humid environments.

A Polyurea Coating in Connecticut for roofs based on an optimal sequence, to resist rain, hail, and pedestrian traffic, should only be applied, cover the downspouts drain and flood the terrace, to check its absolute impermeability. It has a very high resistance to puddling, weathering and ultraviolet rays. High adhesion to cementitious surfaces, ceramics, metal, and wood, it forms a continuous skin, without welding, without enclosures or overlaps, without joints.

Polyurea roof coating system complies with the reflective function, it is a reflective coating, you will notice it in your electricity bill, your air conditioning will have higher performance, it will consume less energy. It is very important that in any system Polyurea Coating in Connecticut is going to be installed, the concrete surface is healthy, free of grease, dust, loose parts or bad adhesion; the cracks are repaired, as well as the penetrations and downpipes are reinforced with bands of waterproof material and polyester fabric.

  • In cases where there are major cavities or puddles, it is necessary to make a paste.
  • It is a Polyurea Coating in Connecticut method must be carried out in layers:
  • Check and replace loose tiles in the terrace and fill mortar for patching as Polymeric Concrete and/or Hydraulic Mortar.
  • Make an acidic hydrolavado, another with sodium hypochlorite and neutralize well with pressure hydrolavado, to clean the surface of the terrace and roof that we are going to waterproof.
  • Apply a base layer of Polyurea Coating in Connecticut
  • Add in this first layer a Politex mesh, the soul of the system, which gives it stability and resistance.
  • Apply the main layer of Polyurea Coating in Connecticut
  • Apply the final reflective layer and resistant to UV, abrasion, weathering, and hail.
  • The specialists will be able to indicate you the best solution using this Polyurea Coating in Connecticut system.