If you are looking for Boston commercial roofing contractors, Eagle Rivet is your go-to for all your roofing needs. They have been in business for over a century, and know everything there is to know about roof repair and design. Always up on the latest trends and technology in roofing, Eagle Rivet gives you quality performing products and the best bang for your buck.

Some of the latest products that are also proven to work are TPO and EPDM. These flat roofing systems are both great for reflecting sunlight and saving on energy. They also both resist wear and tear, and are a great material in different types of weather. The many benefits of TPO roofing in Boston MA and EPDM roofing are why they are both among the most popular choices in the industry.

Some of the other roof systems besides flat roofing that Eagle Rivet offers are: solar roofing, vegetative roofing, commercial metal roofing and elastomeric roof coating. Solar roofing has become a more popular option for homes due to its energy savings. Vegetative roofing offers a sustainable alternative to traditional roofs by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and delivering cleaner air into the environment. Metal roofs have an incredibly long life of 40 – 60 years, can sustain harsh weathering and can be recycled to be used over again. Finally, elastomeric roof coating can be used on all roofs, and help to protect from temperature swings, leaks – and will overall extend the life of your roof.

For Boston commercial roofers, Eagle Rivet is the number one company in the Boston area. You can trust them with your business, as they will provide you with quality roofs in the time frame you want – all at a reasonable price.