Sometimes we all face home issues that just require plumbing contractors to fix them. Sure, you’d love to fix it yourself, and you have every intention of doing so. But, what happens when you just can’t figure it out? Not knowing what you’re doing could potentially cause the problem to be bigger than you would expect, and that could lead to you paying more money to clean up problems that weren’t that big in the first place and were easily fixable by a plumber.

Things go wrong in a home; that’s to be expected. Sometimes the average homeowner just does not have the knowledge, experience, or skill set to fix a plumbing problem. That’s also to be expected, and this is where experienced plumbers in Nanaimo come in. Here are five times as a homeowner when you may need to give in and just call a plumber to come help you out. Read on to find out more.

5 Times to Just Call a Plumber

1. Your toilet’s not working.

When your toilet is just too clogged for a regular person to fix, you need the help of plumbing contractors to put things right. Perhaps something got flushed that the toilet can’t handle. In any case, a professional will be able to quickly diagnose and correct the problem. After all, you’ve got to use that room at some point. Get on the phone and let plumbers in Nanaimo help you get your toilet back to normal again.

2. You’re noticing drips.

Drips may be a sign that your faucet or shower head is not working the way it should. These minor problems may be able to be fixed with minor adjustments or replacements. However, if you’ve tried everything and you’ve taken to the Internet and you still can’t figure it out, it may be just time to throw in the towel and call the professionals. Experienced plumbing contractors will be able to stop the drips and even install new features if they need to. Go ahead and try and fix it if you wish, but you risk springing an even bigger leak or causing water damage.

3. Your drain is not draining!

A drain that will not drain your sink is usually clogged. We use our drains all the time, so when they won’t drain, it’s a problem. An experienced plumber will discover why your drain is clogged and fix it for you in no time, so you can get back to doing dishes and enjoying your draining sink.
4. Your pipes froze.

The pipes in your home are frozen – what now? Call a licensed plumber and they’ll follow the proper procedure to make sure that your home’s pipes get unfrozen and don’t cause any further damage or burst. They might also be able to help insulate them to help in the future, as well.

5. A broken pipe.

A broken pipe qualifies as a home emergency, and it needs to be addressed quickly in order to minimize the damage. You need to call the plumbers the second that you discover a busted pipe or even water flooding that you can’t explain. Water damage is extremely expensive and difficult to combat. You need to contact plumbers in Nanaimo to come in and fix the problem before your home suffers the consequences.