Cooking is a lot of work regardless if you cook on daily basis or once every weekend. Slicing, blending, baking and many other preparatory tasks can be downright troublesome if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Some people prefer the old way of cooking where all you need is a knife and a chopping board. But in this day and age, who has time to do all the tedious tasks by hand when you have a wide range of appliances at your disposal? These appliances have become a great kitchen aid for modern women who love the task of cooking but with less effort and ease.

The main object on the list of kitchen appliance that is a must for every kitchen is undoubtedly the food processor. There are numerous reviews of best food processor 2018 on the internet, if you are thinking about buying one for your kitchen. However, before you jump on the Brand bandwagon and buy the most expensive food processor, there are a number of variables you need to consider if you want the best food processor for your kitchen. These variables are briefly mentioned below which you definitely need to think about otherwise you might end up with more trouble instead of convenience.

Size of the Food Processor

This might sound obvious but the very first thing you need to look for in a food processor is its size. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a large sized food processor is the best and will perform better functions but turns out it is too big for their kitchen and is hard to accommodate. Buy a food processor according to the size of your kitchen and the number of people you usually cook for.

The Feeding Tube of the Food Processor

Food processors have a feeding tube on the lid which is used to process larger food items such as whole cucumbers and onions for chopping or whole apples for juicing. You need to consider the width and length of the feeding tube when buying food processor to get the most out of it. Also consider the size of the cabinets you’ll be keeping the processor in, so that it does not obstruct the feeding tube.

Accessories that accompanies the Food Processor

Food processors comes with a lot of accessories that help perform the functions of the food processor more smoothly. The best food processor for you would be the one which suits your needs the best. For example, if you mainly bake then choose the food processor that has wire beaters and dough blade as accessory. Similarly, a food processor with jug blender attachments will be best for smoothies and juicing.

Storage for the accessories

Because a food processor has a lot of accessories, it can be a little hard to maintain or keep them at the same place. That is why you need a food processor which comes with a storage box or storage compartment. You can easily keep all the accessories in the box and not worry about them taking up valuable kitchen space or getting lost.