Home protection plan insurance mainly works as the extended appliance warranty. This type of warranty mainly covers most of the household appliances while these break down. In fact, this type of insurance generally covers most of the household appliances and the home systems along with the most common plumbing issues. So, with this type of insurance, the homeowners don’t have to pay for a repair or service call from any qualified plumber or technician.

Besides, this type of plan also comes with an approved plan where the homeowners can get protection plans for the systems like:

  1. Different types of electric systems in the household
  2. Heating
  3. Cooling
  4. Water heating
  5. And some additional systems can also be added

How this plan can give you complete peace of mind?

  1. All you have to do is to select the appliances that you want to protect starting from the home appliances to the plumbing systems and the major household systems like central air conditioners, furnaces and the water heaters.
  2. Then select the add-ons like the safety checks to prevent the appliance related issues even before these can start
  3. Now you are set. Once a covered appliance breaks down, you need to call the home protection service provider anytime of the day. Once you make the call, a service technician will quickly be dispatched. In this case, you don’t have to pay anything for the service as well as for the labor and parts.

Benefits of choosing a home protection plan insurance:

  1. This plan is really affordable: Usually repairing a home appliance costs a lot. But the home protection plans are really affordable and this type of plan just costs a few dollars every month.
  2. No out of the pocket charges for repair: The home protection plan insurance includes no service call fees or no charge for covered parts and labors.
  3. Comprehensive services: The homeowners can added any other appliances to this insurance like the second furnace, an extra fridge, a spare range or the second air conditioner to get more protection.
  4. Expert services: The home protection plan insurance includes expert, reliable and quality services backed by highly skilled and screened technicians dispatched from the reputable service centers near your home.
  5. Round the clock assistance: This is one of the best benefits that the home protection plan offers. Here the hotline is accessible 24x7x365. Insurance