Clean water is vital element to our everyday living. This natural resource allows us to accomplish a lot of tasks we need to accomplish in our homes and even in our workplaces. Without the presence of a clean source of water, our daily routine will be severely compromised. As such, we need to exert proper vigilance in maintaining our plumbing system so we can continue enjoying the benefits bought upon by pristine water. Otherwise, we are placing our health and those of our loved ones at risk.

What is backflow anyway?

As the name suggests, backflow is a process when the flow of water in your property suddenly goes in the reverse direction. This problem is caused when the pressure in your water system is modified. Either an increase or decrease in water pressure will start a backflow in your plumbing pipes.

When this happens, the flow of used water can recirculate into your faucets or showerheads. You may not notice it at first but water stemming from a backflow problem can cause a lot of trouble. That’s why you need to determine its cause immediately and have it repaired by a professional.

What are the dangers water backflow causes?

When a backflow occurs in your home, you can expect certain risks to present themselves to you and your loved ones. Since used water contains a lot of harmful contaminants, ingesting it will cause various diseases. This is serious because you will lose a lot of time and money in recovering from these diseases.

At the same time, there will be certain minerals present in your water as it travels back through your plumbing system. These minerals can speed up the deterioration process and damage your plumbing pipes. Last, but not the least, your belongings will also be in danger when it comes into close contact with this used water.

Items, like dishes, glasses, and clothes, will be infected with a lot of dirt that can affect its quality. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. The presence of used water caused by a backflow will never be a good thing in your home and you need to act on this problem right away.

How can I prevent water backflow from happening?

If your home does not have any water backflow-related problems, it doesn’t mean you are in the safe zone already. What you need to do is to have a vacuum breaker installed in your home. This handy device is installed on your plumbing pipes and functions by checking water pressure constantly. In the event pressure drops, a built-in valve will close to prevent any backflow from occurring.

Another addition you can install to prevent backflows is a hose bib. This device has a spring in its assembly that directs the flow of water in one direction. When water pressure suddenly drops, the spring mechanism will engage and block the flow of water. This process will prevent a backflow from happening.

Installing these two devices in your plumbing system can be complicated. Fortunately, there are credible home plumbing services you can hire to do this particular job. These plumbers are trained and experienced to handle any backflow concerns in your home before they get worse.