Located in a part of the United States still known as the Rust Belt, Toledo, Ohio is near the center of what was once a bustling manufacturing sector of the American economy. Today, Toledo is rebounding as some manufacturing jobs reform in new industries and new sectors of the economy come to the region as major employers.

If you’re considering moving to Toledo, you’ll find a city with a population of 607,631 people that is affordable to live in and easy to get around. The unemployment rate in Toledo is 4.9%, and the median home price in the area is $120,840. With just a 20 minute average commute around town, there are many other reasons why Toledo, OH is the best city to live in.

A Transformed Economy

The 1950s and 1960s brought an economic boom to Toledo as the city sat on the forefront of car production in the United States post-World War II. Additionally, at the time Toledo was known as Glass City because there was a major glass production sector in the economy. Today, Toledo’s unemployment rate sits on par with the US average and offers jobs across the manufacturing, education, healthcare, automotive, transportation, and bioscience sectors. Major employers in Toledo include:

  • ProMedica Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital
  • University of Toledo
  • Owens Corning
  • General Motors


Toledo is home to 48 public elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as 48 private schools and three major colleges/universities. With an average student-teacher ratio of 27:1, Toledo schools are good place to prepare your children for the future. Eight of the area’s high schools earned Best High School ranking status with US News & World Report, as did one of the three universities.

What to Do in Toledo, Ohio?

As a resident of Toledo, you’ll find plenty to do in the city, surrounding suburbs, and even throughout the greater region. Toledo is a short drive to nearby Great Lakes metro areas including Detroit and Cleveland, but downtown Toledo is bustling with activity throughout the week.

On the weekends, people stick around town to enjoy everything from sports to museums and other attractions. Kid-friendly activities include the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo-area Metroparks, and the Toledo Zoo. If you’re a fan of baseball, there’s nothing better than a Toledo Mud Hens’ game. The Mud Hens play at Fifth Third Field, one of the nation’s best minor league parks, and have been playing since 1896. Today, the Mud Hens are a Triple-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers franchise.

Where to Live in Toledo

There are a lot of neighborhoods and surrounding cities that offer affordable living with plentiful amenities for residents of Toledo, Ohio. The Warehouse District is one of the fastest growing, and rebounding, neighborhoods. Spearheaded by the relocation of the Mud Hens to Fifth Third Field in the district, a growth of entertainment, housing, shopping, and eating has occurred. On the other hand, if old-school is the look you prefer, Old West End has massive Victorian-era homes built between 1880 and 1910 that are now home to artsy residents in brightly colored homes.

Considering a Move to Toledo, Ohio?

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