Keeping yourself and your home décor in-sync with the latest trends could be a challenging feat! Trends, fashion and technology tend to keep changing with every passing year. Staying up to date with these changes becomes challenging even for the most fashion-forward homemaker. On top of that, the financial burden that sums up at the end of a home makeover is a different challenge altogether.

The following section sheds some light over some of the top decorating trends that would surely make you greedy enough to make these your own!

5 Tips to Add a Unique Spin on Your Home Décor

The trends and tips depicted in this section are inspirational and pocket-friendly.

Quirky Light Fittings

Light fittings inside your home are a unique way of showing the guests your sensible, fashion-forward taste in design. The lighting in the dining room doesn’t need to be always functional. One can also add some ornamental and uniquely designed lighting fixtures to enhance the ambiance of the room.

Geometrical Designs

A home that appears to be curated by someone from the museum of fine and contemporary arts is something that is undoubtedly going to leave a lasting impression. The easiest way to achieve this is to turn to quirky objects, decorations and furniture of geometrical configurations. Patterns and geometric tribal designs of traditional African origin could be a great start. Modernized traditional designs are the new timeless trends!

Artisan-Crafted Furniture

As per the opinion of Beth Diana Smith, a New Jersey-based interior designer, uniquely designed handcrafted wooden furniture is an excellent investment for homemakers. Wooden furniture made by skilled artisans is the easiest way to add some finesse to your home! If you are on a spending spree and have no idea about wooden furniture, you can always go an antique shop, take the experts advice and buy them!

Minimalistic Approach

In the early years, the space inside a home used to be packed to the brim with furniture and accessories making it almost impossible even to move about! The recent mindset of people, ‘less is always more,’ is changing the way people decorate their homes. The less crowded the table and the shelves are, the better is the ambient quality of a home! On top of that, fewer items mean you’d have to dust less as well. It is feasible to stick with furniture that is proportional to the size of the room.

Make Practical Furniture Choices

That angular chair at your friend’s place, the bucket seat on the front page of the lifestyle magazine might look tempting, but they are not practical! Buying a chair that won’t let you sit comfortably and opting for a fragile glass top coffee table is not at all a smart choice. Investing in home décor that has practical use as well as aesthetic value is the way it should be!


Even after careful consideration and smart shopping, not everything in your house would fall under the ‘timeless’ category. Some things need to be changed, replaced and even altered for keeping yourself and your home in-sync with the changing times! Maintaining the interiors of your home as per the current trends in fashion and design is a fun and fresh way to elevate the mood and ambiance of your home.