Tips for Opening a Business Office on a Budget

What could possibly be more exciting than opening a new business office? Opening an office while saving a large sum of money, of course! Opening a new business location can be stressful when a strict budget is involved. Whether the business owner decides to purchase used furniture, outfit the office with wholesale merchandise, or hire entry level employees, they are almost guaranteed to save an admirable amount of his or her investment.

Opt for Minimalist Decor

Since a minimalist approach is actually “in” in the design and furniture industries, it doesn’t hurt to board the “less is more” train. Instead of worrying with expensive decor that may lead to an atmosphere that feels cluttered, new businesses can save thousands of dollars by eliminating extensive interior decorating. In addition, there will be fewer surfaces for dirt and dust to build up on, making the office a cleaner environment overall.

Purchasing Used Furniture

Outfitting a new office with desks, cubicles, chairs, tables, and more can get expensive fast. As other businesses grow and opt for new equipment, they will be looking to dispose of the old equipment quickly. A new office could save well over 50% on furniture costs by buying solely used furniture. Used office cubicles are an incredibly great place to start, as they are one of the most in demand items in an office environment. It pays off to keep one’s eyes on the classifieds for used cubicles during the few months leading up to the grand opening of the office.

Wholesale: Purchasing In Bulk

Offices tend to consume certain materials at extraordinarily fast rates; these items might include copier paper, staples, toner cartridges, bathroom tissue, sanitizing spray, hand soap, pens, notepads, binders, and much more. Since these items will be used over time anyways, it is wise to buy larger amounts of these different materials at the lowest price possible. Many wholesale options are unbranded, further reducing the cost of those supplies. Wholesale outlets are quite competitive with pricing, so the business owner might opt to shop around a bit before purchases are made.

When an office can be properly outfitted for its employees while spending much less than the set budget, the business owner can use the leftover investment money to help secure the office’s future. Whether that involves hiring more experienced employees, purchasing top of the line computer equipment, or having extensive advertising campaigns created, the new office is far more likely to succeed.