Refrigerator is an appliance which is used constantly more like it works 24×7 to provide cold water and ice during summer and to keep vegies fresh and food fresh and preserved all throughout the year. We do think that this is a machine which does not require maintenance and can go on working for longer periods without taking any hit on the performance or the efficiency. Here you are really wrong, and it is important to maintain your refrigerator to extend its life. Life does not only depend upon the fridge price but also the maintenance. So, whenever you compare refrigerators, some tips and tricks in using and maintaining them are necessary to know and take into practise. Given below are some of the methods to maintain your refrigerator.

  • Cleaning the coils of the refrigerator at lower levels: The coils behind the refrigerator accumulate dust particles and this needs to be cleaned some once or twice a year and this is importance as this helps the circulation of air from in and out of the refrigerator and increases the life of the refrigerator by 10-15 years. There are even cases when it might even be increased by 20 years. This process prevents the compressor from burning out. Thus, it not only increases the life of the machine but also increases the efficiency
  • Keep the fridge full: The more there are things in there the less there is air present inside the fridge and less there is energy spent to cool down that air and as the air is an insulator of heat thus it does not cool down without spending much energy which basically leads to loss of fuel and excessive work done by the compressor. But never stock it up too much as that may led to blockage in the circulation of air.
  • Always keep the vents in mind: There are vents inside the fridge which allow the air circulation in and out of the fridge and blockage of whom will cause the compressor to burn out. Thus, always clear out spaces for these vents so that there is nonstop flow of air in and out of the refrigerator and keep the machine working efficiently.
  • Air sea should be clean: The air seal given in the refrigerator should always be kept clean because when it is air tight then there is no uneven circulation of air and thus there is not much loss of energy and there is not much extra load on the compressor thus extending its life drastically and increasing the life of the whole product simultaneously. This not only increases life but also the efficiency causing the fuel to be consumed less and burden of running the product also decreases on the owner.
  • Always keep the refrigerator organised: The refrigerator should be organised in a neat way so that the circulation of air takes place without any glitch. Always make sure that there is clear passage for air circulation and that this process happens fast and efficiently because this is very important factor in the maintenance of the fridge.

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