While your focus as a restaurant owner will most definitely be on the creation of the tastiest dishes for your customers, it is also vital to provide the best all-round experience. A good atmosphere in your establishment could help to make the difference between being fully booked for weeks and an almost completely empty restaurant.

Your customers will thank you for a comfortable experience

Comfort is the key when catering to restaurant-goers. Few things will ruin that quicker than uncomfortable tables and chairs.

This is why, here at Rattan furniture, we go to great lengths to supply the very best restaurant furniture, including gorgeous contemporary chairs with plush padding and back rests for providing ample lower back support. Indeed we offer everything from side chairs and arm chairs to high chairs that provide the best elevation for all types of tables.

Nor do we believe that comfort should compromise style. The best possible arm, back and foot support is provided by our tables and chairs in various contemporary and traditional styles.

The right style makes the right impression

When you’re providing delicious meals for your customers, it’s important to leave them with a good wider impression of your restaurant, and that impression will be made from the moment they sit down.

Food may be the principal selling point of any restaurant, but while your customers wait for their food to arrive, you should give them somewhere to sit that is comfortable while also fitting in with your establishment’s broader style.

Whatever kind of decor your restaurant may already have, here at http://rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk, we can supply you with furniture of a design that fits like a glove. We stock lavish leather upholstered seating for the more traditional look, for example, as well as a plethora of minimalistic designs to perfectly complement a modern or contemporary setting.

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Every piece of furniture that we supply here at Design & Contracts satisfies all relevant health and safety standards while adhering to fire retardant legislation, so you can be sure of giving your establishment’s customers an experience that is both safe and comfortable.

Get in touch at any time, and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to talk you through your requirements for the very best quality – but also best-priced – restaurant furniture for your business.

Besides the delicious food that you will undoubtedly be serving to your customers, you will want to provide patrons with an experience they’ll want to tell their friends about. One of the best ways to create a comfortable atmosphere within your premises is by creating outstanding decor.

Do you desire your establishment to feel modern? Traditional? Maybe you want to go for a grungier, industrial look for your restaurant, or something different altogether?

Here are a few tips to help you pick the ideal Restaurant Furniture to fit your desired aesthetic for your establishment.

The traditional look

The term “traditional” often refers to new furnishings that merely look old, as if they are immaculately preserved antiques. Such pieces can certainly give your restaurant a more opulent feel.

Ergonomics principles have taught us to move away from the archaic looks of yesteryear to more comfortable and easy-to-use designs, but there’s still a lot of charm in an older aesthetic.

Chairs and tables that have a strong wood finish tend to fit in well with a more traditional look. Here at Rattan furniture, we can supply pieces in any of a broad range of wood finishes, offering a classic look without compromising functionality or comfort.

Modern chic

A great way to give your establishment a modern look is by going with furniture that makes extensive use of chrome. The pristine, mirrored look of this material is a good match to more up-to-the-minute decor schemes.

Curves can work brilliantly too, with curved seating or tables tending to add a lot of sophisticated style to a modern restaurant.

Design & Contracts has a track record of supplying dazzling chairs and tables that boast both chrome accenting and a curved design aesthetic, with plenty of colour options to help you achieve the perfectly coordinated decor scheme.

Industrial charm

Industrial design is often adopted within modern homes or loft apartments, but also works well to create a trendy vibe in a restaurant. An industrial look may be typified by such features as exposed pipes and ducts, with furniture of a similarly stark aesthetic.

Any furniture made predominantly from metal works perfectly as industrial decor. We have many tables and chairs that boast a brilliant metallic look, such as our French bistro selection of tables, arm and side chairs, as well as many other types of chrome table bases.

Design & Contracts can cater to every desired aesthetic

Creating these looks requires a lot of little things that tie everything together, with one of the most important being your furniture.