When you install new carpeting, it’s clean and fresh enough to sleep on. As time goes by, however, your carpet can pick up dirt, stains, and odors that make it less than appealing. It might be enough to keep you from having company over, and you certainly don’t want to set your baby on it and let him crawl around.

How can you keep carpet clean and smelling fresh when it gets a lot of use? Here are a few simple ideas that can help you to extend your carpet’s pristine scent.

Kick Off Your Kicks

Prevention can go a long way when it comes to reducing dirt and staining, not to mention odors permeating your carpet. If you’ve already purchased treated carpeting or you’ve treated it yourself, go the extra mile by banning shoes inside the home.

This will stop both residents and guests from tracking in smelly contaminants from the outside and fouling your carpet in the process. If you’re not keen on the idea of walking around barefoot, keep house shoes/slippers handy for family members and guests to wear indoors.

Vacuum Regularly

The amount of time you spend vacuuming the carpets in your home will depend largely on the amount of foot traffic. If you have a large family or frequent guests, you should probably vacuum at least a couple of times a week to get rid of dust, dander, and other particulates that could compromise the appearance of your carpet and result in unpleasant odors. This schedule is wise for high-traffic areas, as well.

Even if your carpeting doesn’t get much use, it can absorb household odors, so you should vacuum at least once a week regardless. If odors persist, add some baking soda to the mix. Sprinkle it over the carpet, let it sit for a while (overnight is best if you’re dealing with strong odors), and then vacuum it up.

Vinegar Spray

A house that smells of vinegar probably doesn’t sound ideal, but this natural deodorizer is a great choice for keeping your carpets smelling fresh if you’re into DIY solutions. All you have to do is put some distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz your carpeting after you vacuum. Open your windows to let the carpeted area dry and the scent of vinegar will evaporate along the way. Best of all, it will take any lingering odors with it.

Install Dehumidifiers

If you live in a region with high humidity, your carpets can suffer mildew or mold, which produces an unpleasant odor. Whether you add a whole-home dehumidifier to your HVAC system or install portable units throughout the house, you can not only help to save your carpets and clear the air of mold and mildew odors, but also reduce health risks for inhabitants.

Deep Clean

If you want to keep carpets in ship shape and smelling lovely, it’s important to hire carpet cleaning professionals from a Pure Choice Chem-Dry company at least annually, and preferably twice a year, to deep clean your carpets. This is the best way to attack ground-in grime and odors you can’t eliminate with regular cleaning.