Whether you’re starting a renovation project in order to add space or value to your home, there is always some difficulty when it comes to making decisions when there are two of you in charge!  You may both have very different ideas about the finished outcome, and with differing tastes and expectations, can you still live in harmony during the renovation process?  By following a few simple steps then we think you can!

Where possible, delegate

By recognising your strengths and those of your partner you’ll be able to delegate the jobs more easily.  You’ll both lend a different set of skills to the project and accomplish different tasks to the same end!

Make time for you

With every job, there’s always a difference in what you want, and what is actually needed.  Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions from friends and family.  Get away from the situation by visiting them, and they might be able to lend an impartial view, and you’ll be able to gauge how important your wants are in comparison to your needs, and whether they are ultimately worth an argument!

Don’t be afraid to compromise

When it comes to the finishing touches of your renovation project then you both need to be in agreement.  It’s just that it might take a long while to get there!  Décor tastes can be a million miles apart, so there may have to be some give and take along the way.  Create some mood boards, or make a file with your ideas, then you can both choose the best ones.  Pinterest is an excellent starting point if you’re stuck for some inspiration.

Multiple options

Compromise may well be the key to a successful and stress-free project, but there are some areas that you may feel are non-negotiable.  For example, you may have a very firm idea about the type of kitchen or bathroom you’d like.  But don’t set it in stone.  Give yourself three differing options, and include your partner in the final decision.


You don’t need to save the celebration for the end of your project.  The list of jobs can seem endless and we can often forget to congratulate ourselves for what we have actually accomplished already!  Buy yourself a bottle of bubbly and a couple of nice flutes, and toast a job well done, even if it isn’t finished yet!

Account for every eventuality

Setting yourself a realistic budget is really important, remembering to factor in a ‘buffer’.  There will usually be one or two unexpected problems on each renovation job, so it’s prudent to allow a little extra money for those.  Most arguments are money related, so to avoid any tension make sure that you know what is paid for and what needs to be paid for, with a little left over for emergencies.  Be certain to purchase a renovation insurance policy to cover the whole of your project from start to finish, making sure that you have gained clear advice on the best cover for you.


Write some good old-fashioned lists!  It’s an effective way of making sure you know what’s being done.  From expenses to finishing touches you’ll know where you are, and you can then organise your lists in order of importance.