Rattan Cube Dining Set – Pros/Cons and What to Look For

So, you are looking for a Rattan dining sets and you have seen a “cube” set that looks stunning but you are unsure if a Rattan Cube Set is right for you.

Well, the good things about the cube formation is the way it saves space and the way it tucks nice and neatly away into itself. This alone is a very good reason to buy the cube set.

Seating situations

Now you will be looking at a cube set and should be taking measurements to make sure it will fit into your space requirements. But remember to take note of what is included with the cube set that you are looking at.

Many cube sets come with footstools which means that this can double up for extra seating space around the table however, remember that if you was to get a 4 seater “square” cube set and you often have more than 4 guests around, the dining space may become rather cramped as the seating arrangement means that the people on the footstools may be uncomfortable at times.

This would mean that a larger “rectangular” cube set would be better suited to you.

The larger rectangular cubes sets often come with your 6x chairs and 4x footstools. Again this can cause some discomfort for the guests sitting on the footstools as per the same situation with the smaller square cube sets.

Chairs vs. Sofas

After you have decided how many chairs and the shape that you are after, we then have another option which is more notably with the smaller square cubed sets whereby you are offered a choice of having chairs (Usually 4 chairs) or sofas/benches (Usually 2 sofas/benches).

Again there are pros and cons with both types, but they both offer the Versatility in different ways.


Chairs are much simpler and more maneuverable for the person using it which will give the person using it more sense of control and comfort.

For example, how close they are sitting to the table or the fact that they can get up without having to move the person sitting next to them.


The sofa option is fairly new but offers different pros and cons.

For example, on a 2 seater sofa/bench if one person wants to get up, the whole sofa/bench needs to be moved.

Another example would be that you couldn’t move the bench into the desired position that you want, it would need to be somewhat of a compromise between both parties.

Now one great redeeming feature of the sofa/bench is that you can take the table away and use the sofas/benches along with the footstools to make a nice little sofa set in a different part of the garden when you don’t need/want to dine.

The can also be done with the chair version, but a sofa set does look much better and having the chairs/footstools scattered around.

But also when looking for your Rattan Cube Set, ask the question to see if you get some extra pieces of glass that will go over the footstools as these can make nice coffee tables when the cube set is being used as a sofa set.

This will make the cube set truly versatile and essentially will give you multiple combinations to suit many different occasions. This should also make your guests think that you are buying furniture for the occasion which should add some bragging rights.

New kid on the block

In 2012, it has proven that the “cube” concept has been exceptionally popular and other variations have been popping up towards the end of the summer season.

I believe that in 2013, the newest incarnation of the “cube” will be in the form of a round cylinder shape. This will still incorporate the cube concept where by everything will slide under the table to leave a sleek and stylish round table set in your garden.


2012 has shown that we have hit a new high where by the Rattan Garden Furniture market has been flooded and there is so much to pick and choose from.

2013 will be about unique shapes and exotic lines and the ability to customize some of the features available like the color of cushions.

Keep your eyes open for the next batches of Rattan Garden Furniture in the new year that should excite and amaze people that are in need to spark some life into their garden