There is no person who likes to have flies swarming around the food they just finished cooking inside of their kitchen. Flies are dirty and even more annoying to many people. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do that will help keep flies outside of your home.

Close Your Doors

It seems so simple but you have no idea how many people are terrible at keeping their doors shut in the summer months. It is very tempting to leave your doors open during the summer to let some of the warm air into your home. The only problem is that you are not only letting the warm air into your home, but also all of the flies that have been hanging out in your yard. Keeping your door shut will greatly lower the number of flies that you see in your home.

Check Your Screens

To go along with keeping your doors shut, you need to also make sure that there are not holes inside of the screens that are in your windows. A good alternative to leaving the door open for fresh air is to open your windows that have screens in them. You would be surprised how many screens inside of your home have small holes in them. Flies will find any avenue into your home that they can fit inside of. Check your screens for holes and make sure that you replace any screens that may be problematic.

Clean Your Yard

Flies love gross things. There is no way around having flies in your yard if there are gross areas of your home that smell bad. Flies congregate to areas where there are stenches and liquids. If you have a fly problem near your garage, you need to look around for what it is that the flies are navigating to. Many people leave their garbage cans near their garage. Your garbage can be a big reason why the flies have decided to hang around. Move your garbage can and you will notice less flies.

You should also check for any areas of your yard that have standing water. If there is water that is hanging out in your yard, it is likely going to have a smell. Remove the water and you will see less flies.

Call Pest Control

If things have gotten out of hand, the only way you are going to manage all of the flies is to call a pest control company. You can try the things we have mentioned above, but ultimately if the flies have taken over your space you are going to have a hard time getting rid of them if you do not have the help that you need. A pest control expert will be able to identify why they are there and how you are going to get rid of them so you can enjoy your space again.