Many people commit the error of thinking that installing stone veneer is an act they cannot accomplish themselves. Do not dismiss this possibility as it can totally transform the appearance of both inside and outside your home.

Although it is true that the installation might require a few specialized tools, you may already have the skill to do it yourself. Installing a veneer can really be full of fun as soon as you have prepared the surface. Some jobs can be completed in a day or by the weekend.

Installing stone veneer can turn something mundane into something extraordinary. An ordinary block wall may look cold and stark but can be transformed into a naturally warm and beautiful landscape feature. Stone veneer can be applied to indoor and outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, pillars and wall facades. With contemporary versions of manufactured stone, installation has become totally possible and easy for an average do-it-yourself person.

If you are concerned that manufactured things may not look like real stone or architectural stone, you need to reconsider; manufacturers go the extra mile to make their products appear authentic.

You may need some specialized tools. Many do-it-yourself persons have a really good number of basic tools. But you will need some tools which you may not be familiar with for installing your stone veneer.

You will require a masonry blade for your saw. Many saws have the capability of cutting manufactured stone veneer so long as you attach a masonry blade. You will have to cut the panels into different shapes or sizes. You will also need a trowel to spread the mortar to the back of the stone veneer. Grout bag is the third most likely tool to purchase; it is used to apply grout between the sections.

The only part that seems like a lot of work is the surface preparation. The quantity of the surface to a large extent determines how realistic the veneer looks and how well it adheres to your surface when you are done. You need to get rid of any existing paint. The surface needs to be level but not necessarily smooth. Before you begin installing the veneer, you might need to apply a thin coat of mortar. In some areas, you may need to put a barrier to moisture. The backbone frame and moisture barrier are imperative components to make sure that your stone veneer will last for a very long time. Your supplier of stone veneer such as Shouldice Designer Stone should be able to assist you in making this decision.

This task is a very fulfilling work that immediately adds value and beauty to your home. It takes an ordinary looking surface and makes it magnificent. It is easy to do it yourself so long as you select the right tools and make out time to prepare the surface. So there is no need for you to continue waiting. Begin to choose your stone veneer and get ready for some fun, creative weekend.