Termites are being pain. Once they enter our sweet homes, these termites are the most difficult insects to get rid of. But, by following few small steps we can eradicate these termites naturally. It can be little frustrating and definitely tracking them and killing can be another complex part. By following simple steps regularly, you can ward them off without the requirement of a professional help. The main reason for termite attack is use of dirty infected wood, cool weather and humidity, absence of sunlight and cause of damp walls and wood. Learn about companies who Kill termites.

Although it is not a faster paced job, nor an easy task; you can still plan ahead of time and start preventing them, when their population is still low. There are few steps to eliminate the termites from your sweet home.


  1. Detect the source of termite: first look out for the source of termite mounds. Search the places where termites spread and their hideouts places. Treat them at one go. Do not postpone their treatment or do not act in intervals. The termites spread faster and hence the treated areas can be affected again. Hence, make sure, you take time and ward them off at once.
  2. Use bacteria: bacteria like Nematodes can kill the termites. They release certain kind of chemicals and hence are capable of killing the termites.
  3. Sunlight is the perfect remedy: sunlight does not heal humans alone; furniture affected by termites can also be treated with ease. Place the infected furniture to direct sunlight.
  4. Use furniture which have lower cellulose levels: cellulose are the biggest reason for termite infection of the wood. Hence, use coconut husk mulch as an alternative to it.
  5. Use boric acid: use the boric acid and any type of chemical which contains propylene glycol. Prepare it like a paste and apply it on the infected portion of the furniture and spray the chemical compound on the infected flooring.
  6. Use termite baits: traps to kill the termites can be really effective. They are easy to install and use too. Place the sticks on the ground and monitor them for every few days. The monitoring system should use the stick with holes and slits, in order to place in to the soil for termites to attack.

  1. Spot the source of termites: if you find the termites have attacked the bait, make sure you add a bit of termite bait. They will attack the other places to find and feed on. Get rid of the source itself. Learn about companies who Kill termites.
  2. Use termite sprays: use sprays like Spectracide Terminate, First Line Termite Defence system or any other similar chemical that you can find in your nearby general stores. However, usage of these can act as a toxic pesticide for other animals. Make sure that you do not harm the natural environment too.
  3. Use home ingredients: Use the home made ingredients like petroleum jelly, essential oils and aloe vera gels. These are easily available goods. Hence, the usage can be made on the termite affected areas.