A minimalist home has many features that help to give it that fresh and clean look. Minimal furnishings and plain and simple walls and carpets help to project a minimalist look. Read on to explore more minimalist features you can copy to give your home a stylish make-under.

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Plain Walls

Minimalism is inspired by Scandinavian design, and you can find lots of this around in the most stylish homes. Plain walls are the first feature to stand out, and these are usually light-coloured, such as beige, cream or white. You need to ditch the wallpaper if you want to embrace minimalism.

Simple Furniture

Furniture should be simple. This means clean lines, sleek design and functional styles. Ikea is a good example of simple furniture, and this is a Scandinavian company that is low-cost yet stylish.

Ample Storage

Storage is an important consideration in a modern home. Clutter is the enemy of minimalism, so you need lots of storage to clear away items that are unnecessary to the d├ęcor. Built-in wardrobes and cupboards always look neat, and they can store lots of items.

If you have too much stuff, consider putting some of it into self-storage while you decide what you want to do with it long-term. More people are using self-storage as an option for storing their superfluous household items.

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Large Windows

Large windows help to bring light into the room to make it look bigger. You can create a feeling of brightness with tall windows, and they give an airy quality. Consider shutters so you can block out the light if you want to. There are many minimalist window designs to choose from, whether you are looking for dublin windows and doors such as designs from www.keanewindows.ie/ or you’re searching for home basics elsewhere.


Less is more with minimalism, so make sure you clear out any unwanted items from your home. You should also keep busy designs and patterns to a minimum to create a feeling of tranquility.


In terms of colour, many minimalist favourites are white, grey, cream, stone and beige. Some people also like the look of black and white together. Splashes of bright colour can really stand out when set against a plain background, so adding some colourful flowers or a bright cushion can work well and look very stylish.