Due to technology, homeowners who want to re-decorate the floors of their homes have a wide choice! Vinyl flooring is a wonderful option when solid wood, carpeting, engineered hard woods etc. is too expensive. The type of vinyl plank flooring available nowadays takes the appearance of wood, ceramic tiles and even leather, to mention a few!

Some years ago a new introduction to the vinyl industry was unveiled during a prominent flooring conference. WPC is the abbreviation for wood polymer composite or wood plastic composite. This is a type of vinyl which is a combination of plastic and genuine wood fibers. Through this process a flooring material was created which is resilient, waterproof and dimensionally stable.

GoHaus offers twenty-two marvelous colors of Durevita (WPC) Vinyl Flooring. This new and exciting material is the spitting image of genuine wood flooring. All flooring material offered in the line of Durevita is waterproof. This feature makes it the perfect option for each room and sub floor in your house!

Since WPC’s introduction this flooring material became the star in the industry of flooring. More and more homeowners are opting for this type of flooring concept!

Waterproof Click Vinyl is also called enhanced vinyl-planks or waterproof vinyl.

Characteristics of Waterproof Click Vinyl

  • Has a ridged core
  • Material is waterproof
  • Connection is the interlocking kind
  • Many times are backed with an underlayment

The above-mentioned features of WPC make it possible to install it in every room which includes basements, which makes it an excellent flooring option!

Generally your WPC will be accompanied with an underlayment which is pre-attached and consists of the interlocking connection method. These two features make it easy to install even for the DIY’ers. It is also convenient and can be installed in a short time span.

Imperfections of a sub-floor can be camouflaged by the ridged-core of such a WPC vinyl plank. Conventionally the vinyl planks which were glued-down pose to reveal imperfections, also called telegraphing, of a sub-floor.

Because the core of WPC is thicker it can hide tiny cracks and dips. However, this should not be seen as an excuse to neglect the preparation of a sub-floor! The correct preparation of all sub-floors is of utmost importance. However, WPC applies a little less squeezing. Determine whether all cracks and dips are patched.

Benefits of GoHaus Durevita Waterproof Click Vinyl http://www.gohaus.com/vinyl-plank-flooring/click-vinyl-plank-flooring/durevita-waterproof

  • With its finish in ceramic polyurethane, more protection        and durability are added to protect the print film.
  •   The texture embossed in the material’s texture, enhances     its wood look and it also matches the print-film perfectly
  •   WPC is certified Floor Score. This means that no                  damaging chemicals will be released into the air
  • It is pet-friendly
  • It has great scratch resistance.

To learn much more about this amazing WPC-flooring option we advise you to visit the above-mentioned link. There you can also get information about the following:

  • Vinyl builds and installation methods.
  • Wear layers
  • Plank widths and lengths
  • The plank’s thickness