If you’re looking for some ideas to make your evening memorable, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of our top 3 favorite DIY adventures for you to try. These activities don’t have an age limit. Whether you’re 4 years old or pushing 72, these adventures are sure to make you smile.

  1. Peep Jousting

With Easter right around the corner it means Peeps are back on the shelves. Run to the store a stalk up in every color because Peep Jousting season has officially begun. What you need to play:

Peeps, any shape, size, or color. We suggest getting a variety for people to choose their warriors according to their style. You can also split up into teams and play with multiple people at a time.

Tooth picks. Insert ⅓ or your toothpick into your peep on the right hand side. This will represent your lance.

Paper Plate. Jousting is a dangerous and in this case very messy sport. We recommend using paper plates to throw away the battlefield rather than cleaning it up.

The rules to this game is simple. Take 2 peeps, armed and ready for the jouste. Line them across from one another on the paper plate and set them in the microwave. Set the microwave on high for 45 seconds and begin! Sit back and watch as two brave knights fight in your honor!

  1. Magic Clouds

Most people feel it’s difficult to keep entertained in the winter. Well that is just not the case anymore! In fact, for this adventure, the colder the better. For all you Disney fans out there who remember watching Aladdin taking princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride in the clouds. Since the first time you watched that scene I’m sure you wanted to grab onto a cloud just like the princess did. With this fun adventure, you can sure try!

For best results, make sure you do this adventure in the evening after the sun has setted. Items you’ll need: Mug with a handle, water, a microwave and nearly freezing temperatures outside.

If you haven’t done this before, you are going to be amazed! Even if you have done this before, it’s just as amazing the second, third, and fiftieth time!

Take a mug and fill it with tap water. Place the mug and water into the microwave and heat up until boiling. Carefully remove the mug and water from the microwave and walk outside. Once you are outside, toss the boiling water into the air and watch magic happen! Once the boiling water hits the freezing air it will evaporate into what appears to be a cloud!

Just a precaution, make sure the temperature outside is cold enough to make the instant evaporation occur. We don’t want anyone throwing boiling water into the air and getting scalded. With that said, get out there and have some fun!

  1. Shooting Stars

This is another awesome activity that is best done in the evening after the sun has set. And with it being the winter season, that’s the majority of the time so it’s perfect!

If you are a fan of astronomy, this adventure is right up your alley! This activity takes skipping rocks to the next level. First you will need to find yourself a bucket of flat rocks perfect for skimming the water. Go to a lake, pond, or river that is excluded from houses, vehicles, or anything fragile as you will be literally throwing rocks toward them.

Once you have found both of those items, crack your glow sticks. Once they are glowing, carefully cut open your glow sticks and sprinkle them over your bucket of rocks and let dry for a few seconds. Keep in mind, this can get messy so don’t go wearing your sisters favorite shirt you “borrowed” for the night.

Now that your rocks have been properly prepped, it’s time to light up the night! Caulk your arm and release to watch the night waters light up like a meteor shower.

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