Whether or not you have already bought a lot that your custom home plans have to be designed around, the following tips will make sure your custom home designs are able to produce your dream house.

Establish Excellent Communication

A set of custom home plans can be ruined by poor communication. For example, if your architect does not really understand your needs in terms of your custom home designs, you might end up with a home that you do not really enjoy. On the other hand, you could be surprised to see your custom home plan in a new housing development, as some architects convert their finest custom plans into generic, generally available floor plans. To avoid these unsavoury results, clearly outline what should be included in your custom home design, and whether or not you are comfortable with the design being turned into a universal house plan. Good communication is important when dealing with architectural consulting services in Edmonton, in order to avoid disappointment later on.


Ensure that the designer you choose has experience working with similar projects. If you have already bought the land for the home of your dreams, make sure your designer has experience working with your kind of property. An architect who has completed projects like yours before will be able to offer a satisfactory service. For example, while a sharply sloped lot might offer the best views, it also poses unique problems when it comes to designing.


Ensure that the architect you choose has liability insurance. Accidents do happen, making insurance very important when choosing architectural consulting services in Edmonton. If something does not come out right in the custom home design, insurance can cater for rebuilding costs or any other unanticipated cost. Professional engineers, as well as designers, carry liability insurance to protect their clients against costly errors. In any case, ensure that the architect you get your custom home designs from is adequately insured.

Focus On the Details 

A full set of custom home designs will include adequate information to facilitate construction. Your building contractors should be able to quickly find details on materials, dimensions, and building techniques. Floor plans that are unclear will cause all kinds of problems. Costly errors often happen because contractors cannot find the necessary details on your custom home plans. To avoid such problems, choose an architect that includes enough construction details on the home designs.

Ensure Building Code & Provincial Certification Compliance

Local and federal building laws are always changing. Ensure that your designer can produce a custom home design that follows the building guidelines of your province. When choosing architectural consulting services in Edmonton, ask how they ensure building code compliance, and if possible check with previous clients to ensure that the city approval process was smooth.

Choose an Architect Whose Style Matches Yours

Architects specialize in different custom home designs, so ensure that your designer has experience designing the kind of home you prefer. If you want any specific style of home, you should hire a designer with experience in generating custom homes within this particular design style.