Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Your Home in Ancaster

Your home needs to have the exterior repainted every few years. We’ve all seen those homes that have peeling paint on them and are desperately and direly in need of a touch-up. The outside of your home reflects the general care you put into your home and peeling or faded paint is often the first thing that people see when they look at your house. It can, unfortunately, create an air of shabbiness and, at the end of the day, is just aesthetically unappealing.

Whether you’re looking to just change the paint colour on the exterior of your home or are torn between whether to add a coat or two of the same colour to brighten and touch it up, read on to find out how you can figure out what shade is right for your home. Whatever shade you choose, a painting contractor in Ancaster can help you apply it once you’ve selected the colour you think is best.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Your Home

Comparing to Others on Your Street

Okay, this one is not that possible if you are the only home on your block, but that’s rare. One good idea when you’re trying to figure out what colour to paint your home is to look at other homes in your neighbourhood to see what they have chosen. You may get the impression that among a sea of white and cream, anything too bold is going to stand out in a bad way. You also may have reservations about being the only yellow home on the block (but then again, that might be a good thing).

Looking at the homes on your block will also help reinforce what you want to do. Maybe you like the light blue shade of your neighbour’s home the best, and it’s trumped white or yellow for you. You might even get some inspiration or validation that light green would be a nice addition to the block.

Avoid Going Too Bold

A boldly painted house may seem fun, but unlike a bag or a dress, you’re not going to be able to change it that easily. Well, you could with the help of painters in Ancaster, but it’s better to select the colour you want the first time so it doesn’t have to be redone. Bold colours may not work, but something not that crazy like a nice peach or light pink could work. If no one else on your block has saturated, pigmented colours on their home, choosing a deep maroon or something else like dark navy could make your home look like an eyesore.

Classic Can Be Best

Before you call the painting contractor in Ancaster, consider that many people end up choosing classic shades of paint for the exterior of their home. It’s no coincidence that painters in Ancaster frequently paint home exteriors in shades of white, tan, blue, and cream. Classic, like a vanilla ice cream cone, will always be in style.

It’s on the menu for a reason, and painters in Ancaster will support going classic – these shades are a good choice for any style of home. The lighter the shade, the more natural and appealing your home will look. They are classics for a reason!