Soft area rugs can solve many problems in a bedroom. Primarily they add texture, style, dimension, personality and, most importantly, color. Before you shop, however, explore ideas so that you can understand how area rugs augment the aesthetics you’re trying to create. Whether you have a wood floor, tile or carpeting in the bedroom, soft area rugs can enhance any look.

How to Pick the Right Size Area Rug

Purchase the wrong size area rugs for your bedroom and it could cost you time and money. Use grid paper because it’s easy to measure and plot the width and length of the room. Note the size and best placement for the furniture and the location of doors showing which way they swing. In that way area rugs won’t interfere with the function or flow of the room. Additionally, if the floors happen to be cold, select a larger rug that covers the space from the bed to the bathroom or closet to make sure your feet stay warm on cold days.

How to Coordinate Colors

In order to create a cohesive look, select soft area rugs that complement the decor as well as color scheme of the bedroom. Make sure that colors from chairs, wall art, window treatments and the bed are incorporated into the rugs selected. Strengthen a color scheme or expand that strategy to include new colors that complement accent colors. It will bring harmony to the overall look. For a bright, upbeat feeling in the bedroom consider utilizing checks, polka dots or stripes. Such patterns also create optical illusions that make the dimensions of rooms seem to change for the better. If the decor in the room contains a variety of patterns, utilize bright, solid colors to provide the visual break needed as well as to enhance other elements in the room.

How to Match the Existing Style

People have a tendency to lean toward one style or another. When selecting area rugs it’s important to identify the look you’ve created so that rugs complement the style rather than fight against it. For example, selecting a farm house style rug to place in a contemporary bedroom would make little sense. For individuals that find their taste is more eclectic, pick the predominant style and match the rugs to that.

How to Best Place Area Rugs

On trend this year is to leave 1/3 of the floor exposed at the end of the bed. Another on-trend change is to install one large rug then place matching runners in heavy traffic areas. Placement also needs to match your style. For example, to complement a traditional look place a large rug centered under the bed to within a foot of the walls. Rugs should also be placed so a portion is under each nightstand. That will create an unbroken, symmetrical line that keeps the bedroom warm and balanced.

How to Choose the Best Rug Materials

Colors, style, placement and all the rest are important decisions. Another one that should be a top priority, however, is the type of material used in the construction of the rug. Although furry faux fur and silk rugs might be fun, they may not be practical if you have pets or the floors get heavy foot traffic. With today’s technology you can still go soft without having to go fur. For durability, Polypropylene and wool rugs can’t be beat. They’re easy to clean, stand up well to heavy foot traffic and are simple to maintain. With the options available on the market today, there are many ways to find the perfect soft area rugs at a price that’s affordable.

For many people that would like a statement piece in the bedroom but just don’t have room for it, soft area rugs brighten up a space while adding just the right amount of pizzaz. They also make a simple, affordable solution to decorating because they come in so many colors, patterns, shapes and styles. They define the space, provide a soft spot to put your feet in the morning and reflect your personality. Now it’s time to get inspired and create the perfect haven that will ensure you always rest well.