Boost Curb Appeal With Fall Landscaping Ideas

Spring and summer plants and flowers add vibrant color to your landscape. As fall rolls around those beautiful hues of pink, purple and yellow begin to fade away and your landscape is left with little or no color at all. By taking advantage of fall landscaping ideas, you can boost your home’s curb appeal through the colder months ahead.

Fall Plants and Flowers

There’s a variety of fall flowers that will add warm, seasonal colors to your landscape. Popular fall flowers such as coneflowers, dalias, chrysanthemums, pansies and violets grow well in most areas of the country. Nurseries put fall flowers out in late summer, so you can plant them in late August or early September while the soil is still warm. If you live in an area with cold winters, plant your fall flowers in late summer so they can establish stable roots before frost sets in. If you need help choosing your fall flowers, talk to your local nursery or garden center or consult a Farmer’s Almanac to determine your correct planting zone and the best flower varieties for your area.

Mulch in Garden Beds

Mulch adds many benefits to plants and flowers by retaining moisture in the soil and protecting fragile root systems from freezing. As fall weather approaches, spread fresh mulch sparingly around trees and in garden beds. Organic mulch like pine straw, bark and cedar chips is best because it decomposes naturally and adds important nutrients back into the soil. Pine bark used in larger pieces will add a warm, rustic appeal to your autumn landscaping. Synthetic mulch like rubber and plastic does not decompose or provide benefits to plants and flowers. It’s best to avoid cheap or free mulch available from some municipal sources, since it’s often made from dead trees that may contain disease spores.

Pavers and Stepping Stones

Colored pavers and stepping stones provide a simple, affordable way to boost fall curb appeal. Home improvement contractors can create a welcoming walkway with concrete, stone pavers, or stepping stones to turn a plain landscape into one with stylish design appeal. You can find pavers in colored concrete, natural stone, brick and flagstone in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a more casual look, consider round or irregular-shaped stepping stones in tile, rock or wood. Pavers and stepping stones provide a great way to break up large grassy areas and create color and texture in your landscape.