Whether you’re designing new home, remodeling, swapping outdated furniture for trendier pieces, or just want to treat yourself to some beautiful furniture, consider these 6 new and popular designs. Any great Atlanta furniture store should carry newly inspired pieces like these for every room of your home. Modernize and individualize lush home interiors with the following unique finds.

Geometric Cocktail Tables

The couch and TV aren’t the anchors of the living area anymore. Design rooms to inspire conversation with a truly eye-catching cocktail table. The best pieces should have wide, practical surfaces on sculpted legs featuring chevrons, ovals, asterisks, and other interesting alternatives to ordinary coffee table legs.

Bow-Legged Sofas

Updated from the best that mid-century modern design had to offer, bow-legged sofas combine traditional shapes and cushions with curved, outward extending legs. These pieces embody the transitional style comfortably and elegantly.

Asian-Inspired End Tables

East meets West with Asian-inspired, practical end tables for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more. Thick, wooden construction featuring clean lines and seamless assembly combine western comfort with a continental feel. Asian-inspired end tables are simple enough to host artistic decor, like contemporary lamps or sculptures.

All-Glass Desks

When you think of a desk, you might picture a plain, wooden piece with excessive drawers. Upend expectations with a pure glass desk, which looks clean and pristine, for an uncluttered mind while you work. They even work as dramatic console tables in large rooms.

Open Bookshelves

It’s nothing new to proudly display books and gifts on open bookshelves, but for a more unique and unexpected twist, buy bookshelves that are open on all 4 sides and feature simple, restrained framing. Store hardy decor and your favorite books on a piece that invites conversation. You can even open bookshelves to create a sense of separation in an open, multi-purpose space.

Swivel Accent Chairs

Melding comfort, ease, and style require smart design, and there are now rotating chairs on the market that look elegant without feeling stiff or uninviting. Similarly, new swivel accent chairs are comfortable without looking frumpy or tacky. Swivel chairs are the perfect addition to any home bar or relaxed bedroom.

These trendy and beautiful pieces encapsulate modern elegance and everyday comfort at once. You’ll know you’ve found the right Atlanta furniture store when you see inspired designs like these at great prices. Start shopping today for conversational furniture you won’t be afraid to actually use on a daily basis.

Home renovation is a breeze thanks to some inspiring new designs that have hit the furniture market. These 6 pieces are sure to invite comfort and conversation.

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