School breaks are up ahead and if your family is not planning on getaways while the children are not in school, it’s crucial to prepare your home in order to outwork the boredom they are likely to complain about once they have rested enough.

You don’t have to deck your place out in a big way to entertain the young ones while they are on their school break. With a few changes at home, you can ensure your kids will have something enjoyable to do to recharge their bodies and spirits every day.

Here are five ideas worth giving a try:

1. Get a digital TV antenna installed

Bid analogue cable TV goodbye and take advantage of digital TV for a “different” TV watching experience for the little ones. It offers better image and audio quality, plus, there are more channels for you to find programs that are suitable for them.

List all the programs the children are allowed to watch and schedule viewing if you do not want them to waste their school break on all-day TV watching. Plan other activities for the little ones that they can do between the time slots of the programs you have chosen for them.

2. Create a theatre-like experience for movie-watching

Movie nights are definite must-dos during the school break. And it will not even cost you much to recreate the theatre experience in your own home.

The first thing to do is to mount the TV on the wall. You want it to be the perfect height. The next thing to do is to install speakers for that monster surround sound.

You may also want to create a mini concessionaire’s stand to place on one side of the room. Fill it with snacks like chips, chocolate bars, candy, and other finger foods that you can buy from a dollar store.

3. Put up a “school break menu”

The school break menu is not just for the kids to know what they will be eating every day while they are on vacation. It is an opportunity for you to get them involved with food preparation.

Get their ideas for meals and snacks, and make sure to assign them food preparation tasks. They will have more appreciation for the blessing of having something to eat as well as the time devoted to keeping them gastronomically satisfied and nourished.

Also, there’s nothing like chores to keep the young ones creatively preoccupied.

4. Build a reading fort

Borrow popular books from the library and set reading hours for them. One popular strategy a lot of parents use is borrowing books that have become adapted into films like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Percy Jackson to name few. They make the kids read them before featuring the film versions for movie nights.

And to make reading even more interesting for kids, a reading fort helps. Visit Pinterest for ideas on how to design a reading fort that will encourage your young ones to read.

If you want an outdoor reading fort, which a lot of kids like, hire a pest control service first. This will ensure that there will be no creepers sharing the fort that may harm your children.

5. Stock up on arts and craft materials

Encourage creativity. Buy colouring materials and hobby supplies that your children can use. Find projects online that the kids can do and will keep them busy an hour or so every day.

However, do not just choose any art or craft project. Make sure that it will result in something useful for the little ones such as accessories for girls, or toys for the boys – stuff they can show off once they go back to school.

These are just a few ideas you can use to keep the kids busy, happy and even productive during their time off from school. With these five alone, you can already avoid hearing your children dramatically complaining that there is nothing to do.