One direct cause of basement moisture problems is the movement of the foundation to the point it cracks. Below are five of the significant reasons foundations decide to move unexpectedly.

Earthquakes and Natural Disaster

Earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding are three big disasters that can strike and cause the foundation for a building to move and shift. Although these might be infrequent events in the state of New York, climate change has weather and nature in an uproar. It only takes a brief episode with one of these events to cause problems that will crack the basement walls and allow water to come inside.

Poor Construction Technique

Trying to rush the job or using poor construction materials can leave you with a serious foundation problem. A slight movement will cause cracks and instability. It does not take a lot of movement to cause damage that leads to wet basements and mold infestation. Cracks can eventually lead to the failure of a basement wall. Fixing this type of problem can sometimes involve expensive reconstruction.

Water Beneath and Close to Foundation

A high level of water in and around the soil creates a soft earth situation. Any movement of this water will wash away parts of the ground. The sudden absence of dirt will cause a shift or movement of the foundation. Repairs will include stabilizing the foundation and reducing the damage water is doing to the base soil under and around the structure.

Soil Conditions

You might be completely unaware that the foundation rests over items that are slowly decaying or loose soil. Once this material rots or the soil compacts there will be unexpected movement. Hopefully, the movement is minimal. Repairs of damage are not too costly unless it is extensive.

Natural Aging of the Foundation

The foundation of older structures will eventually age to the point that a catastrophic movement and failure happens. Season after season of changing weather will take a toll on the integrity at some point. It is a great idea to have the foundation of an older building inspected regularly.

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