Why Restaurant Design is all about Taste

The design of a restaurant is more than just superficial or superfluous. It influences the mood, the feel, and ultimately the value of the restaurant. In some sense it is just as important as the food itself! Consider this; would you rather have a great feed in a dirty, dark dive? Or would you prefer an enjoyable meal in a clean, inspiring location? Thankfully, we shouldn’t expect such a compromise; but there is a lot more to creating a desirable eating environment than simply serving great food.

Design Your Environment

As Chefs can work magic with the food on your plate, your designers work magic with the environment that you eat in. Take, for example, Dawnvale. The folk at Dawnvale make a name by carefully sculpting the places where you and your customers eat – just take a look at some of their projects! It is their job to think about space, think about lighting, and think about the look and feel of a restaurant that will make it stand out from the rest.

The Feeling is ‘Key’

Hospitality thrives on repeat custom. What this means is that if somebody has a bad experience, and they don’t come back, you potentially stand to lose out on the long run. So what keeps people coming back? A positive experience as a whole – the food, the services, and yes – the ‘feel’. Think back to the best, and worst, restaurant experiences you have ever experienced. What do you recall? The food was good, the waiter was rude – but what do you recall clearer than all else? The restaurant itself. The space you occupied – and how it made you feel. The best experiences will have been had in the most comfortable and clean locations.

What should you expect?

With companies like the aforementioned Dawnvale, everything from the design and fitout can be handled by professionals who know how to create this positive experience for those in the hospitality industry. This ensures efficiency, consistency, and above all else a welcoming and impressive display which could make or break any hospitality business. In the industry, it is not an aspect that should be compromised on or taken lightly.

What should you do?

At the end of the day, if you own a restaurant, or a hotel, or a bar – chances are, you’re going to be up against it. It is a cut-throat industry full of challenge and pitfalls – and you need to utilise every advantage that you can get your hands on. The factor that could make or break your livelihood is one thing – the customer – and no short cuts should be taken when their loyalty to your brand is on the line.

Any restaurant can cook a great meal.

A special restaurant is one that makes you feel special while you’re eating it.