We all know that the sash windows are a great example of how the British architecture flourished over the time. They were introduced back in the late 17th century, and from there onwards, they kept on developing and changing with the time. Perhaps this is the reason, along with the fact that they add a luxury feel and amazing look to your house, that these windows are still famous. People love to have such windows when they are building a new house. And particularly, if you are a person who loves old styles, you will love these windows. But before you get these installed in your house, here are three critical things that you should be aware of in concern with these windows.

The composite nature of construction

If you take a look at the sash windows that are being offered today, you will find that they are composite when it comes to the construction. Most of the time, the builders use a combination of timber along with clad and aluminum. They place the timber on the inner side while using the other material on the outside. It is highly important because the weather keeps on changing and the outside of your house is more vulnerable to damages from climate and the humans as well as animals around. Thus, Aluminum at outside means you have your windows strong enough to withstand a good damage. While on the other side, you have timber to glance from inside which gives the classic interior to your house.

Single glazing and double glazing

If you take a look at the sash windows that are found in traditional houses, you will find that they have single glazing. The true look and traditional style of these windows have a single glaze. However, if you take a look at the rules and regulations of modern buildings, it is almost impossible to keep up with the requirements and go for the single glazing. Therefore, you will have to make a bit of sacrifice and take a touch out from your traditional building styles as the single glazing will not work with modern standards. However, if you are considering renovation, you may have a chance to go for the classic single glazing.

Recreation of fine glazing bars

When you think of dividing the small pieces of double glazing and combine them along with the thick bars, things will get messy. However, there are certain ways by which you can efficiently recreate the fine and handsome looking glazing bars. Probably, the most appropriate way to do so is by bonding the mock bars on either side of one of your double glazed unit. One may also like to make use of the spacer bars, but they will surely add up to the cost.

So, these are three Must know things for you when you consider sash windows. The Box Sash Window Co is there to help you out in the installation and renovation of your sash windows. They are expert in timber work and will provide you with stunning services. For details, you can contact the support staff.