Travel, for those who are passionate about it, makes for the memories of a lifetime. The thrill of visiting a place that’s utterly different from anything you’ve ever seen is unlike no other. If you’re like most people in the 21st century, odds are you have a smartphone and it gets constant use when you travel. But what do you do with those pictures from your momentous trips? Stick them in an album or upload them to the cloud for reorganization at a later date? Probably, but canvas prints are a much better option, and here are a few reasons why.

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No One Looks at Albums

Be honest, when is the last time you broke out a photo album and flipped through it? Heck, do you even have any photo albums? When’s the last time you printed a digital photo at all? We aren’t saying we’re sad the days of getting photos developed are behind us, but it does feel like pictures have a shorter lifespan now that they exist mostly on computers, phones or tablets. However, you can create canvas prints out of your vacation photos to ensure that you actually look at them after you take them.

Beautiful Places Make For Beautiful Art

If you’re looking for some home decor for a blank wall you just can’t seem to fill, have you considered your vacation photos? Instead of buying and framing a print or picking up some pre-fab art from a home store, think about creating pieces from some of the most beautiful places you’ve been to. Peruse your memories and see if there aren’t any that would work as home decor. They don’t have to live just in your brain. Let’s be honest, some of them are too beautiful not to see the light of day on your wall.

Keep Your Memories with You Always

Speaking of memories, it may not be that you’ve been to Tahiti or the Taj Mahal, but that doesn’t mean your travel photos aren’t worthy of getting put on a canvas print and hung on your wall. If you took a trip to Vegas with your girlfriends and have some epic shots from a wonderful night out, what better way to memorialize them than by hanging them on your walls? Granted, maybe keep the stripper ones to your computer, but if you and yours felt gorgeous one evening and had the night of your lives, put that memory on display so you can relive it every day.

Facebook? That’s It?

Yes, Facebook and Instagram offer great immediate gratification when you snap a shot of an exotic place, but that’s not where your photos should spend the rest of their lives. You probably scroll through your Facebook photos about as often as you scroll through an actual album. Plus, a phone screen doesn’t do your travel justice, we promise. Uploading your photos to a site like Canvas HQ and getting prints of them in the mail (in some cases in a matter of days) will give your travel memories the place of honor they deserve.