Delivering a room out of your property’s loft may look like the end of your loft conversion project. However, the truth is that there’s more you can do to make the converted loft space more appealing and usable.

Whereas my list may not be exhaustive, it will definitely give an idea of what you may incorporate into the design of your converted loft to achieve your dream space. Here are few of the ideas worth trying out, especially if you reside in London.

  1. Create an Open-plan room

You may be lucky to have a house with a very spacious loft. If that’s the case with you, you can consider turning it into an open-plan living/dining/kitchen room. This should especially be the case when you’re faced with the difficulty of getting a spacious living/dining/kitchen room on your property. With this option, you shall have a luxury of the spacious room.

  1. Convert your loft into a double-sided dormer

When making loft conversions, you may choose to create a double-sided dormer. This can only happen if you get permission from the authorities to have a full-width dormer (front and rear dormer). With this, you’ll get twice the conventional the full-height area.

As a consequence, the final product will have a resemblance to an extended full storey. Implementing this idea may, however, be difficult in some residential areas due to the planning permission.

  1. Choose gold colors to get a feeling of relaxation in the bathroom

Your converted bathroom can provide a nice environment for relaxation, especially if you make a deliberate effort to equip it. For some time now, a gold accent has been known to give a feeling of relaxation. As such, make use of gold-colored accessories in the bathroom; be it a chair, a picture frame, a towel rack, a soap dish, water taps and so on.

Remember to also use contrasting colors in the bathroom. In addition, you can also have in place an indulgently sized bath (freestanding) for your luxurious space. Above the bath and in between the multi-angled ceiling, an amazingly spiky chandelier can also give you an amazingly relaxing feeling. You may also want to consider using colored lights.

  1. Use the converted loft space to create an environment for self-retreat

Create a perfect retreat for your family by making use of the extra space in the loft. Whereas everyone in the family may enjoy spending quality time with friends and family members, it is also important to have an environment where anyone that wants to have their personal time can go to.

While creating this environment in the loft, ensure you keep the things simple; you can use classic armchairs, use neutral colors, use a soft mat for flooring, and make use of super-cool accessories that may include a rug and a mirror. In short, make the environment to personal to yourself or the people that will use it.

  1. Create your dream shower

Let not the wooden beams become an obstacle to you building your dream shower enclosure in the converted loft. You can use a sheet of unframed glass that’s held by 2 sleek stainless-steel bars, as it not only style your shower enclosure but is also unobtrusive. As a way of ensuring that you don’t lose any height of the shower, it is best to go for the floor-level drain.