Is your AC unit making unusual or loud noises?  In many cases, the problem is the vents.  In this article we’ll discuss some simple ways to quiet loud AC vents that you can do yourself without having to call an air conditioning repair company.

Your HVAC system is constantly balancing the air in your home though two types of vents; supply and return. Supply vents are connected to ducts and help blow air into your home. Return vents, on the other hand, pull air into the AC system where it’s cooled. During these processes (supply and return), the vents will produce some sounds. However, it shouldn’t amount to level of distracting or irritating noise.

If you feel that your vents are making too much noise, the following are some steps you can take to quiet them.

Set the supply vents to the “open” position

Supply vents can be put in an open or closed position. When in the open position, air moves into the home freely with minimal resistance. In the closed position, movement of air becomes restricted which can result in strange noises. In fact, if you’re getting a lot of noise from your AC vents, the first thing you should check is the position of the vents. If most of the vents are in the closed position, open them and then turn on the AC and listen again. You should find that your AC becomes quieter.

Ensure your AC vents are not obstructed

Even if vents are kept in an open position, they can still get noisy if they are blocked by furniture or other household items that might interfere with air flow. If you have things blocking the vents, move them away temporarily, then turn on the AC to see if that solves the problem. In most cases, there will be a reduction in noise level of your AC.

Clean your AC filters to ensure smooth air flow

Dirty or blocked filters are another culprit that can block air flow and lead to increased noise. Even in a perfectly good AC, if the filters are dirty, you’re likely to notice noises coming from the system. There are two ways of dealing with the problem. If the filters are still new, simply take them out, thoroughly clean them, and reinstall them. If your AC filters are old (having been in use for six months or more), they should be replaced.

Ensure that there are no foreign objects in the AC vents

This applies especially if you have vents on or near the floor level. Foreign objects like food crumbs, grass, twigs and pet dander can enter the vents and block air flow resulting in unnecessarily loud noises. Inspect your AC from time to time and ensure they’re free of these types of foreign objects.