In almost everywhere, the most common cooler to choose is the industrial air cooler. This device works in so many kinds of place regardless of humidity and heat level. Also known as industrial evaporative color or industrial swamp cooler, it is usually used in factories, outdoor areas or huge indoor spaces to provide the powerful cooling in large scale. Particular in area with dry climate, this device works very efficiently.

How does the device work? It has its own way of functioning. It evaporates the water to lower heat which then continues moisturizing the air through process that is similar to the natural process. In terms of energy consumption, it is more efficient and ecofriendly compared to the traditional air conditioners. Yet compared to the normal outdoor fans, it works more powerfully. Usually, the most common places using this cooler include hangars, construction sites, workshops, manufacturing plants, gyms, garages, patio areas, athletic events, large tents, warehouse and more else.

Industrial Air Cooler Types

  1. Mobile evaporative coolers

This first type which is regularly called portable commercial cooler is a unique industrial cooler which is often used in commercial areas such as garages and warehouse. Its size can be as big as 13.000 m3/h. It offers a number of advantages including being very portable and compact, not installation required and quite cost effective. However, it also has some disadvantages like being depending on ambient humidity for the device to optimally perform and requires good natural ventilation for optimal operation.

  1. External evaporative coolers

This next type is another common industrial evaporative cooler that consist of several kinds including the down discharge cooler, slide discharge cooler and wall or window mounted air cooler. Its advantages include being able to cool outside air and cover larger areas compared to the portable cooler. Moreover, it is also effective in cost operation.

Effectiveness of Evaporative Cooling

Considering how the device works by cooling using water, this cooler is pretty much effective in terms of function. It is also considered more effective than any types of coolers given the fact it can work in any places although its number one priority place is in dry climate. When functioning in such area, it uses the outdoor air heat to trigger the process of evaporative. In other words, some factors affect the efficiency of the device. The factors include temperature levels and overall humidity. Although its effectiveness may get affected, it can still work pretty powerful.

Tips to Choose the Best Cooler

Now that the function, way of work, advantages and disadvantages of the device have been revealed, it is time to choose the product to buy. Be aware though, it is necessary to consider these main things before buying. In terms of maintenance, every industrial evaporative cooler requires various maintenance systems in order to make sure the device can operate and perform at optimum level. This way, the device can have extended life and function optimally every time.

  1. Brand and Model

In terms of buying products, the brand and model always come as the first thing to consider. Some brands are known to be better than other brands in terms of product quality and that’s the thing you should look for. If you have never bought one before, start doing some research by gathering information regarding all the available brands and models. Read it one by one and try to compare the devices to one another. Make sure to recognize your specific needs and the industrial thermal conditions as well before deciding.

  1. Seller’s Reputation

Choose seller with good reputation instead of random seller. Check their reputation from customer feedbacks and online reviews. If most of the reviews are positive, that is a good sign. But if not, find another seller. And, you can also randomly contact the previous customer to see what they have in mind regarding the seller.

  1. Budget

Budget always makes an important factor to consider. Most people would go for moderate brand with good reputation of products. This way makes more sense and is way less costly than going for the best brand that can cost at maximum price. Even though you have limited budget, never sacrifice reputation and quality for cost because you want the device to perform optimally at extended life.

  1. Installation Mechanism

If you can get free installation service, go for it. But if you don’t, hire a professional contractor to help you installing industrial air cooler device.