Bark scorpions are common in Arizona and are one of the types of scorpions that you want to be aware of. Unlike many of the Scorpions that live in Arizona, bark scorpions are very venomous and can cause pain and harm to your body. There are some very distinctive traits of bark scorpions that you will easily be able to learn in order to tell them apart from other scorpions and maybe living near your home or yard.


The appearance of the bark scorpion is going to be one of the most telling items for you to learn about. Unlike most other scorpions, bark scorpions lay their tail down on the ground next to them while they are resting. Most scorpions keep their tail raised above their back while they are resting. If you see a scorpion who almost looks as though someone has stepped on their tail, it is most likely a bark scorpion and you should not get near it.

Another one of the things that you can look for when you are trying to determine if the Scorpion you were looking at is a bark scorpion is the number I said it has. Bark scorpions have to dark eyes on the top of their head that they used to see. However, there are three pairs of lateral eyes that are below these to dark eyes that you are seeing. If the Scorpion has multiple pairs of eyes, it is likely that it is a bark scorpion.

Bark scorpions are about 2 to 3 inches long when they are fully grown. It is not uncommon to see a bark scorpion with many little Scorpions on it’s back. Scorpions carry their young on their backs. The baby scorpions are going to be a very small, and you will notice them only if you are close to the Scorpion.


You’re not likely going to notice scorpions during the day time in Arizona. Scorpions prefer to be active during the night time. However, most people do find the Scorpions inside of their home during the day. There are places is scorpions will roam during the night, and get stuck and I’ll be able to get out of.

While scorpions can climb, there are services that are hard for them to maneuver. If they fall into your bathtub, it is likely that they are not going to be able to get out on their own. Also, scorpions like to hide in Dark Places during the daytime. If you were having a scorpion problem you should always check your shoes before you put your foot inside of them. Scorpions will crawl into your shoe in order to find a protective place during the daytime to hide.

What Should I Do?

If you find Scorpions on the inside of your home, you are probably going to ask yourself what should I do? Firstly, you should identify which type of scorpion is inside of your home. If it is a bark scorpion, you are going to need to be careful as they are venomous. If you have bark scorpions looking inside of your home we would suggest contacting a local scorpion control company to come and remove the Scorpion from your home. If there is one scorpion in your home, there’s likely that there are a lot more scorpions that you just have not found yet.