Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements

We propose different ideas and examples to make simple Christmas floral arrangements to decorate the interior of your home. On this occasion, we will see some options to create Christmas floral arrangements with which we can decorate different rooms of our home. The floral compositions will be very simple, since we will place the branches, berries and Christmas plants in different pots and containers without having to do any transplant or plantation.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the garden itself provides different decorative elements to make this type of floral arrangements thanks to the fruits, berries and leaves with intense colors. The colors affect everything! Be careful!

Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements by using the Nandina
The domestic Nandina is a bush that will reach a meter and a half high, but it has a spectacular autumnal and winter touch. To make this first flower arrangement we will introduce different branches with the leaves in red touches in a container. We will combine the Nandina with branches of an ornamental apple tree. Want more garden styles? The lawn maintenance Falmouth can be your inspiration.

Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements by using Cotoneaster lacteus

In this case, we are going to introduce some branches of the cotoneaster in a tall container. As during the Christmas season the branches are usually full of red berries, the decorative effect that it creates is very Christmas.

Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements by using with Bonetero

The leaves of the bonetero acquire a very intense color, and thanks to them, very decorative compositions can be made. In this case, we will also introduce branches filled with colorful leaves in a tall glass container.

Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements by using Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is one of the leading plants of Christmas. In our case, we are going to place the plant with its own pot in a more decorative container. As each time you can find plants with leaves in different colors, you can play with those colors when choosing the decorative pot.

Ideas to make Christmas floral arrangements for a table

Finally, if we want to decorate the table at Christmas, one option is to place in two decorative cups with red gelatin beads inside. Then introduce two stems with Anthurium flowers and so the red color of the pearls and the red Anthurium will give the Christmas touch to the table without having much space.

In this simple way we have managed to decorate the house with Christmas motifs with branches that we have taken from the garden and with one of the leading plants of Christmas: the Easter Flower.