Once the sun’s out and the temps stay above zero permanently in the city, we can feel like we can take on the world this spring. Chances are your honey do list is full of large and small spring cleaning tasks you’ve had to ignore because of the winter, and now that the weather’s better you’re ready to strike all of them from your list. Unfortunately, while turning the garden bed and raking are within your purview, tackling that unhealthy tree on your property isn’t. Leave it to the professionals in Edmonton!

Your Springtime Chore is Dangerous!

An unhealthy tree may need to be removed, but it’s one of the most dangerous chores you can take on as a homeowner. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there are 200 tree related fatal injuries every year in the US due to the heights and equipment involved with the task. To avoid being a fatal statistic, hire a certified arboreal professional when looking for help with your tree removal.

Why Should You Insist on ISA-Certification?

There are a lot of people who claim they know how to remove the dead or dying oak or maple from your property, but many of them aren’t any more qualified than you are to do so. ISA-certified professionals have the highest level of training paired with professional practices. Members of the International Society of Arboriculture acquire their expertise and knowledge through official education and experience.

Rigorous training and testing is the basis for all certifications from tree workers to master arborist, so they know how to diagnose and climb these structures as well as use their specialized equipment safely. When it comes to tree removal Edmonton companies such as Chipps Tree Care services are the ISA-certified pros that know the right way to treat your property.

Holistic Maintenance Means Treating Everything

An ISA-certified arborist will have the means to inspect your property and identify the reason behind your ailing elm, spruce, or pine. Whatever species you have on your lawn, they’ll be able to address the underlying problem in addition to removing the damaged, dying, or dead branch threatening your property. They can encourage deep root fertilization or pest control strategies to save the rest of your property. They also offer stump grinding services to remove the unsightly traces left behind by the removal, which can eliminate pest infestations and dry rot while removing obstacles the next time you cut your lawn.

Think about their help the next time you feel ready to take on your chores. If it has anything to do with dead or dying limbs, leave it to the professionals. When it comes to tree removal Edmonton has certified professionals just like every other major city, and they’re ready to help you tick off another item from your list safely!