Wood flooring and laminated flooring are hard to differentiate and can be very deceptive for that casual onlooker. It is just by coming in contact with or analyzing closely when it is possible to inform the difference between your two. These two flooring choices have their very own benefits and drawbacks, still both have been in high demand and revel in a wholesome market share within their own person capacities.

Here are some differentiating characteristics that might assist you in making up the mind as in order to which from the two might best match your floors needs.

Life time

Hard wooden floors compared to Laminated Floors possess a longer life time. A correctly installed wood floor ideally done with a skilled hard wood flooring specialist can last for a long time. Whereas laminated floors possess a relatively short life time and often lose their own original color and color with time.


When compared with wooden flooring laminated flooring are simpler to install as well as a home owner with some connection with carpentry might have a great go from it. Nevertheless, installing wooden floors is actually a challenging proposal even for that most passionate do-it-yourselfer. So it’s best should you leave their own installation towards the expertise of the hardwood floors installer.


Laminated flooring lack the power of becoming reconditioned after they reach the finish of their own useful existence, and can’t be revived to their unique form. Therefore the only feasible alternative left would be to replace all of them with brand new ones. Wood flooring if taken care of properly last considerably longer before they require any re-conditioning, and in the event that required a great hardwood floors installer can certainly treat these phones be just like new.


Lamination ground products tend to be comparatively cost under wooden floors plus some qualities start as little as under 1$ for each square feet. So for that budget delicate these floors will be a better option.

Choice however you like Design as well as Color

With regards to the selection of style style and colour laminated floors come with an upper hand when compared with timber flooring. Laminated flooring come in a number of different designs, designs as well as color shades providing you with much much more freedom of preference and house d├ęcor choices. Timber flooring though limited by some traditional designs as well as color tones could be refinished to another color sculpt or style by a specialist hardwood floors installer.

Worth Addition

Timber flooring are regarded as traditional, and also have been around for hundreds of years. They give your home a traditional and costly look. Considering their own durability you are able to consider this kind of flooring like a value addition to your dwelling.

Taking each one of these distinctive points into account, the general layout of your house and your individual preferences you are able to take a choice in regards to what type associated with flooring you prefer the greatest.