The Top Aspects to Remember when Buying Shower Doors

Shower doors are essential for any modern shower enclosure, except if you have a walk in shower or a wet room. But for any standard shower enclosure, the right shower door can make a big difference. When shopping for a shower door, you can’t just choose the first one you see because it looks nice or it has a good price – there are some aspects you need to consider first. Here are the top aspects to remember when buying shower doors.

Know the styles

There are different styles and designs when it comes to shower doors, and this includes the framed or frameless style, the pivot style (also called the swinging style), the sliding shower door, and the rounded shower door. The frameless shower door is fast becoming a popular choice because of its sleek and seamless design, which is also easier to clean.

There is also the pivot door, which operates on hinges, so the door can open inwards or outwards. You can have a pivot door with a central pivot as well which allows the door to revolve in a 360-degree turn. Sliding doors have always been popular, as they save space, whilst rounded shower doors are great for corner shower enclosures.

Determine the size of the space

The size of your bathroom can make an impact on the shower door you choose. If you have a small, compact bathroom, it would be best to go for a shower door that doesn’t impinge too much on the available space, such as a sliding door. You can choose a pivot shower door if your shower stall or enclosure is narrow, or you can opt for a bi-folding shower door if you want to save a bit more on space. Sliding shower doors are also ideal for larger or wider shower enclosures. Assess the available space in your bathroom so you can determine the right kind of shower door for your needs.

Take accurate measurements

The next step is to take measurements – and don’t just do it once, do it twice for good measure (pun intended). You have to make sure that the shower door is the right size for your shower opening. When taking measurements, base the size of the shower door on the shower opening’s width at its broadest point, and then select a shower door which has a maximum width that is equal to or even more than your shower opening’s broadest width.

Choose the glass

The glass for shower doors is often tempered glass, which means that they are sturdier than regular glass and will break into small round bits, rather than shards, if shattered. You can choose glass which is clear, frosted, or even patterned, depending on your preference.