Leather craft is really a fascinating hobby and several artists took this method beyond carving initials or even embossing the logo. Leather build requires unique tools as well as specific kinds of leather

Embossing or Stamping or Tooling

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Embossing is actually art of making a three-dimensional picture onto leather-based. The only kind of leather you need to try this particular on is actually vegetable tanned leather-based, which might be described because “tooling leather”. Along with leather build embossing, you don’t extensive instruction since all that’s needed is are a few special resources, embossing dishes or tires, and a few basic leather-based craft understanding, which could be learned inside a class as well as on the web.

With embossing, pressure is done from beneath the leather product or from on the top. For de-bossing, this really is when the look is in reverse, created in the top side from the leather, which would create a sunken look on the other hand.

The best part about embossing is that you don’t need considerable training or even expensive tools to produce a remarkable leather-based craft item. The most widely used method associated with embossing entails buying a good embossing steering wheel. These tires do range in dimensions but the main one used usually is one-inch wide made from metal. About the metal steering wheel are various kinds of styles that protrude, that is what may set the actual image to the leather.

You’ll find embossing tires with all sorts of style imaginable. You will find flowers, creatures, scrolling, geometric styles, and the like. These embossing wheels are extremely inexpensive and simple to find at any kind of craft, pastime, or leather-based store. Just remember that if you intend to emboss leather regularly, it will be best to purchase the much better quality steering wheel.

How In order to…

This kind of leather function involves obtaining the leather wet therefore the design from the embossing may dry rigid and stick out more. If you don’t have a unique embossing steering wheel, you may use stencils as if you would purchased in primary school in order to trace your own initials.

Most pastime stores have countless stencils to select from, giving a good range. Then, utilizing a hammer created specially with regard to embossing, you’d tap out the look in the actual stencil, producing the actual embossed design on the other hand of the actual hide.

To provide you with an concept of what leather-based craft embossing appears like, if you’ve ever observed a notary open public stamp with an important document like a marriage permit or delivery certificate, which raised style is embossed. Remember that the quality from the embossing would depend on the actual skill from the person dogging that sludge hammer. The much more detailing the thing is in a bit of embossed leather-based, the more effort and time it took to attain it.


This kind of stamping is really a reference in order to embossing surfaces which are not coloured. On event, pigmentation might be added or even gold leafing put into enhance the actual leather build work.

Rubber stamping

With rubber stamping, a unique press can be used that appears like a rubberized stamp to produce the style. Additionally along with leather build stamping, the look is frequently not three-dimensional however contrasting colours. The answers are very good but don’t have the elevated effect you receive with embossed leather-based.


Tooling is a creative art form that takes time for you to learn. This kind of leather build involves hands tools just like a chisel as well as hammer to produce intricate styles. Look upward our post on “Classes” with the link below to learn more on finding quality training with this amazing type of leather build.